About JGEP and FAHA

What is JGEP and FAHA?

FAHA is the Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association which is located in Western PA's Crooked Creek Horse Park in Ford City.  FAHA was established in 1984 by a small group of avid horsemen  and horsewomen that wanted to provide the community with safe and enjoyable horse events and recreation. In 1986 they established Crooked Creek Horse Park which spans across over 97 acres of beautiful land. In 2002 the Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association Foundation was established as a 501c3 to support the functions of FAHA and further its mission.  The  horse park is a multi-use facility and offers  just about everything for the horse lover, including horse shows, fun shows, trail and endurance riding,  clinics, a full scale rodeo, camping, and much more. 

JGEP is the John Grey Eventing Park, established during the first year of WPEA's existence in 2020.  

FAHA has kindly leased 60+ acres of their land to WPEA for the establishment of the John Gray Eventing Park. The specific location is at the site identified as McAninach Trail Head.

JGEP 2.jpg

JGEP future plan and current status

The location is planned for use as an eventing venue. WPEA's goal is to build upon the land to offer future events, clinics, opportunities for schooling, and more. 

So far we've been able to achieve the launch of the Sponsor an Acre program. This allowed us to receive enough donations to build and place 6 cross country jumps on the land. This summer (2021) we have begun building a dressage arena. Additionally, we have been diligently strategizing to build an outdoor arena, add more cross country jumps, and identify potential grantmakers and fundraising efforts to help fund some of the efforts. 

The land is currently available to utilize for camping, and trail riding.