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Our Mission

To promote the sport of eventing in Western Pennsylvania while fostering education, collaboration, and unity in our service area that will result in sustainable equestrian opportunities, personal growth for our members, and benefit to our greater equestrian community.


Creating a thriving equestrian region where eventing opportunity and education is plentiful and accessible to all riders of all levels.


  1. We believe eventing can be accessible and well-supported in Western Pennsylvania. 

  2. We believe in education over competition as a means to long-standing achievement individually and as a region. 

  3. We believe that promoting unity among equestrians by collaborating with outside associations, clubs, venues, and professionals is vital for overall success and competitive representation from within our region.

  4. We believe that equine sports of all disciplines can be beneficial to both horse and rider when performed with safe practice and compassion. 

  5. We believe in the positive impact of multigenerational partnerships and mentorships to promote the fresh perspective of youth paired with the wisdom of experience. 

  6. We believe that achieving success and health of horse and rider  within our sport hinges upon dedication to dressage to facilitate a horse and rider balanced in body and mind.

  7. We believe that educating modern eventers on the history and tradition of the sport helps to develop a more well-rounded rider who is capable of making positive contributions to the future of our sport. 

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